Spreading the Blame

Lefties blame everyone for a shooting except the shooter--poverty, racism, hate speech the shooter never saw, no head start program, no state background checks...whatever. The right thinking people blame the shooter alone. Or at least they should.

Guy Benson is making sense here. Money quote:

I'll concede that it's beyond maddening to watch large elements of the Left routinely attribute horrible acts to conservatives as a whole, even when the actual perpetrators end up having zero affiliation with the political Right.  It's not uncommon.  It's also deeply frustrating to witness many in the media downplay and ignore acts of political terrorism or despicable bloodshed that are confirmed to have been carried out by leftists, sometimes for explicitly political reasons.  There is an undeniable double standard at play, so I'm sympathetic to the line of thinking that some on the hard Left must be held to their own ugly standards and tactics if they're ever going to learn lessons or modify their behavior.  But I don't believe that escalating unjust demagoguery will reform anyone's conduct for the better...

It's almost always better not to act as the left does. Never go full lefty.


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