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Thought of the Day

Margaret Thatcher once said “The facts of life are conservative.” And as in so many things, she was absolutely spot on. This, as you can imagine, makes life very, very difficult for people in the overcrowded left-wing media. (It’s overcrowded because so many journalists think they’re left wing).

Every day, they wake up to a world where: Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East with the best human rights record; socialism is failing everywhere it is being tried from Venezuela to North Korea; the worst, most fascistic acts of violence and intolerance are being committed by left-wing people calling themselves “anti-fascists”; Islam is not a “religion of peace”; Trump is doing a great job as president — way, way better than his predecessor Obama; man-made climate change is the biggest scam in the history of science, politics, or economics…

And somehow they’ve got to construct stories demonstrating the opposite because it’s what their dumb-assed audiences want to hear.


Lefty Law Logic

Here is an article about "hate speech" by a professor at Northwestern. It's OK for a while then it goes to hell. It's titled The case for restricting hate speech. Observe.
As a sociologist and legal scholar, I struggle to explain the boundaries of free speech to undergraduates. Despite the 1st Amendment—I tell my students—local, state, and federal laws limit all kinds of speech. We regulate advertising, obscenity, slander, libel, and inciting lawless action to name just a few.

Actually, that's pretty much all of them.

Commercial speech (her 'advertising') is much more regulated than ordinary speech, which is basically everything else. Having a profit motive decreases the 1st Amendment protection. I'm OK with that. Just as I'm OK with with punishing people who lie to hurt other people (libel (written) and slander (spoken)). And merely because you use words doesn't mean you can't be prosecuted for committing a crime by speaking, such as inci…

Accuracy Is Not His Forte

This piece in the American Prospect by Peter Dreier who teaches at Occidental is par for the course for lefty drivel on guns. Let's start with the Title: The Virginia Shooting Isn't About Bernie. It's About The Right's Embrace Of Guns.

OK. I agree that it's usually not very important to talk about the politics of a criminal. But the left has made such a fetish of the political leanings of some cherry picked criminals, we right thinking individuals point to the lefty leanings of a lot of recent mass murderers (in Alexandria, thank God, no one was killed) to set the record straight about the claims of right wing political violence, of which there is very little. Here, here, here, here, here, and here are but a few of the stories claiming, falsely, it's the political right that is to fear vis a vis political violence.

The falsity is pretending ordinary crimes by individuals are actually politically motivated terrorism. Please.

But back to Dreier. Here is the first…

Gun Idiocy of the Media

The horrible shooting of Republican congressmen and their aids and protecting police while practicing for a charity Democrat v. Republican baseball game in Alexandria, VA is transitioning into old news. But, aside from the blaming of the victims, the coverage in the media has been pretty normal, that is, it really sucks, especially regarding guns.

The gun the lefty puke used to hunt Republican legislators was a Chinese variant of the Soviet SKS, a semi-auto rifle which was a decided non-improvement on the SVT-40 which it replaced. The SKS does not have a removable box magazine like the SVT (so you have to stuff 10 rounds into the fixed magazine with a stripper clip) and it uses the inferior 7.62x39mm round. It is cheap though. I saw some for sale for $125 a few years ago.

Here is but a taste of the pig ignorance of guns the lefty media (but I repeat myself) betray in covering this shooting:

CNN said that the SKS was an AK variant before correction of the story after us gun nuts laughe…

Spreading the Blame

Lefties blame everyone for a shooting except the shooter--poverty, racism, hate speech the shooter never saw, no head start program, no state background checks...whatever. The right thinking people blame the shooter alone. Or at least they should.

Guy Benson is making sense here. Money quote:

I'll concede that it's beyond maddening to watch large elements of the Left routinely attribute horrible acts to conservatives as a whole, even when the actual perpetrators end up having zero affiliation with the political Right.  It's not uncommon.  It's also deeply frustrating to witness many in the media downplay and ignore acts of political terrorism or despicable bloodshed that are confirmed to have been carried out by leftists, sometimes for explicitly political reasons.  There is an undeniable double standard at play, so I'm sympathetic to the line of thinking that some on the hard Left must be held to their own ugly standards and tactics if they're ever going to le…