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Thought of the Day

Conspiracy theories are the first refuge of failed political movements. When a movement can’t deal with the rottenness in its own ranks, it invents conspiracy theories to explain the ideologically impossible.

If Communism worked, the Soviet Union should have prospered. If Socialism worked, the Obama years should have led to an economic golden age. If the left’s theory of a New Majority displacing old white voters worked, President Hillary Clinton should be on her thousandth executive order by next Tuesday.


The premise that Hillary Clinton, a candidate whom most Americans rated as untrustworthy, could not have lost the election except through a conspiracy is a belief so delusional that it beggars belief. But it’s either that or admit that her embrace of every crazy left-wing idea that had become trendy in the party had killed any hope of a platform that would appeal outside Berkeley leaving her with nothing to run on except her charm and charisma. And that charm and charisma can’…

Thought of the Day

Oh, meanwhile in Iraq, which never mattered to Democrats, the people who were slicing the heads off dudes, tossing gays off buildings, and selling women into sex slavery, have been annihilated. This happened under the tender loving care of Mad Dog Mattis, the guy who Trump put in command of our armies and who refocused our military away from making it more comfortable for people who don't understand that a penis makes you male to killing our civilization’s enemies.

You might think that the annihilation of ISIS in Iraq would merit a mention, but no. See, in the middle of a political campaign, a campaign was willing to hear out someone promising negative information about an opponent, which, as we all now know, is the worst thing in the history of ever and is treason or something because that’s a useful narrative right this minute. CNN is all over one of these stories. Guess which one.

Go on. Guess.

Kurt Schlichter

Use and Discard

I've been thinking of the left's penchant for using a particular word or phrase, completely ruining it, and then having to replace it with a new word or phrase. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

Examples you ask?

Liberal replaced by Progressive.

Global Warming replaced by Climate Change (because it stopped warming).

Racism replaced by White Nationalism.

I'm not talking about replacing perfectly good words or phrases with PC euphemisms -- like Illegal Alien becoming (in 21st C. newspeak) Undocumented Immigrant. They have documents, just not a current visa, green card or certificate of American citizenship.

Nor am I talking about adding the word 'social' to a perfectly good word to create a nightmare new idea. There is no word that can't be ruined by the addition of social before it. Justice is great; social justice means the worst parts of fascism. Warriors are great; social warriors are progressive pests. Security is great; social security is the world's longest run…

Thought of the Day

Speaking of propaganda, no one had a worse week than CNN.

After the president tweeted a video of him body slamming the CNN logo, the once-great (OK, passable) news network expended more journalistic energy hunting down the maker of that clip than it did investigating anything to do with the Obama administration for the last eight years.

Derek Hunter

For the Record

I just want to go on record that I am not at all convinced that Russians hacked the DNC e-mails or John Podesta's private e-mail account. The Russians may have done the normal hacking they always do, here and there, during this campaign period; but I don't believe, just on their say so, what a few people in our crack spy network said is an established fact.

Somebody hacked or phished or whistleblew the DNC and Podesta, but I don't think we know who did it.

When did "Question Everything" morph into "Believe the CIA" for the left?


I always read these articles about illegal voting hoping that the writer will allay my suspicions that large numbers of people ineligible to vote are voting. I hope that voter fraud is indeed no real problem, rather than a huge problem that is difficult to pin down, so I also hope the latest criticism of, finally, an actual commission to look into the problem holds together and makes sense.

And so far, I'm always disappointed. It's nearly always, "we know voter fraud is a tiny problem" when we know no such thing. It's generally sentence first, verdict afterwards. Like this one, from UK law professor Joshua A. Douglas titled: Demand for voter rolls shows ugly truth about Trump's voter fraud commission.

We really don't know how bad the problem of non-citizen voting is. During the Obama administration, the feds refused to let any state compare its state roll of voters against the federal list of resident aliens. Now that our federal government is prepared to…