Use and Discard

I've been thinking of the left's penchant for using a particular word or phrase, completely ruining it, and then having to replace it with a new word or phrase. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

Examples you ask?

Liberal replaced by Progressive.

Global Warming replaced by Climate Change (because it stopped warming).

Racism replaced by White Nationalism.

I'm not talking about replacing perfectly good words or phrases with PC euphemisms -- like Illegal Alien becoming (in 21st C. newspeak) Undocumented Immigrant. They have documents, just not a current visa, green card or certificate of American citizenship.

Nor am I talking about adding the word 'social' to a perfectly good word to create a nightmare new idea. There is no word that can't be ruined by the addition of social before it. Justice is great; social justice means the worst parts of fascism. Warriors are great; social warriors are progressive pests. Security is great; social security is the world's longest running Ponzi scheme. Studies are great; social studies generally sucked. And I don't want to even mention social diseases.

I predict Progressive will be the first to be replaced yet again, as the American Left continues its political seppuku.


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