Jon Snow is a Terrible Tactician

I like Jon Snow's character a lot but I have to say that he has not been a very able general. I'm not talking about his ability to fight with a sword (although he was stabbed to death in one episode). Let's go back to his first foray against the Dead and White Walkers in Hardhome (S5, E8). The Wildings and Night Watch gets their ass kicked and are only saved from being surrounded and killed to the last man because they have small boats available to take them out to the safety of the bigger ships. A lot of seasoned warriors know that when ever you're in enemy territory, it's probably a good idea to send out scouts, establish OPs and LPs so that the enemy doesn't sneak up and take you unawares. Snow never seems to get with the program here.

Then there is the liet motiv of him letting his troops get completely surrounded so that someone has to come save him out of the blue. It happened in Battle of the Bastards and on last Sunday's Beyond the Wall. In the coming battles to save all human kind, I'm not sure I want him to be the generalissimo.

I do kinda look forward to his getting it on with Daenerys, even though I believe that would be aunt/nephew incest, not that incest seems to matter to the people in Game of Thrones


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