Too Deep in the Bubble to See the Internal Contradiction

OK, I'm already tired of opinion pieces on guns and gun control in the wake of the horrible massacre in Las Vegas, but I try to keep my finger on the pulse of the nation so I read them from time to time still. Like this one today: We Don't Need Your Prayers in Sin City. We Need Gun Control.

Of course, like all the opinion pieces on the left it contains not a single good idea for stopping very evil men (usually men are the mass murderers) from killing and wounding scores and hundreds of people. But this jumped out at me. Here's a quote from the first paragraph of the piece:

I was one of the first to arrive at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Sunday because I was there to review the concert for the Las Vegas Weekly. I passed through the metal detector without thinking about it. (Emphasis added).
OK, so the concert was a gun free zone and they had ticket holders pass through a metal detector so the concert security teams could make sure none of the people there to listen to country music had a gun on them. Nobody in the crowd had a gun.

But despite this clear fact, personally vouched for by her reporting, the author, a Ms. C. Moon Reed, then writes this: can put to rest the “good guy with a gun” narrative. This festival was full of good guys with guns; one of the concessions sold concealed-weapon purses made out of leather. But the good guys couldn’t take out the bad guy spraying bullets from a hotel window 32 flights up.
How was the festival full of good guys with guns if it was a gun free zone enforced with airport type magnetometers? None of the crowd had a gun so of course they didn't take out the shooter over a hundred yards above because they didn't have an guns to shoot. I agree they were probably good guys, but they weren't good guys with guns.

I know she identifies a guy selling leather concealed carry purses, but you can't shoot with just the purses, Ms. Moon Reed, you need an actual gun.

And I'm not even going to start on how difficult it would be to accurately return fire with a pistol to a guy with rifles in a room on the 32nd floor above you.

So the "good guy with a gun" narrative survives this not particularly bright attack on it.


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